Kürbishof Koller

About us

Zubau Kürbisatelier
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We  are a small family run farm  located in the southern part of the Austrian Steirmark and we look back on a long tradition of Pumpkin and Pumpkin seed Oil production.

 We continue to provide inovative products such as our Famous much loved Kirbiskernpesto (Pumpkin Seed Pesto) which we created together with a well known Chef  and is often mentioned in the media as the "Original Kürbiskernpesto von Koller" "often copied but not surpassed" Our other products such as Pumpkin Chutney, Pumpkin Confiture, Pumpkin Sweet and Sour or Pumpkin Nudels continue to grow in demand. 

With the success of our Pumpkin Dripping (Schmalz) we have now introduced Trufel and Sweet Pumpkin  Drippings to our product range.

As a small and flexible organization we are able to offer the finest quality, producing small quantities of Pumpkin seed oil through out the year ensuring that out pumpkin oil is always fresh.  Roasted Seeds are always fresh roasted to Order only. this means that all products are only Days old when transported.

All products come from fully ripened fruit, and from controlled and protected production fields in our imediate area. 

Our Steirisches Kürbiskern oil Holds the Accepted Accredited and Protected Mark from the European Union which garentees that the Pumpkins are grown here that the Seeds are from here that they are pressed here  in local mills only once and this ensures that our oil is 100 % pure, of finest quality, labeled with the band garantee this differentiates our product from our compeditors.

However the difference in Taste is our true mark of approval and Garant. 

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